How does it pay?
For every dealer that you sign up under your sales account; you earn 40% of everything they spend every month (this includes anything the dealer spends with us).

To explain this system, we'll use the example of a dealer that signs up for out total plan at $399.99 per month.

First month the dealer spend $399.99; you get 40% of the sale (or $159.99 in comission); then for every month the dealer renews with us, you get 40% of what they spend each and every month! Sure you won't become the next Bill Gates overnight; but there is no cost to you. You have no overhead and best of all you work your own hours, at your own pace and you are your own boss.

We don't require you to buy a book or take a seminar... all we ask is that you put your talent to work doing what you love to do and sell a system that sells itself.

Use the calculator below to calculate how much you can make each month reselling our system to automotive dealers in your area.

Commission Calculator
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Like we said, this isn't a "get rich" quick scheme. It's an oportunity for you to start your own business with no risk, no cost and no overhead. Simply sell our system, and earn money each month that the dealer remains a customer of ours! it's that simple! So sign up using the form below and start making some cash today!
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